College Life: Design Your Dorm

June 22, 2009

20090407_5I just found a great site that I wish I would have known about last year when I was staying in the dorms. This site is called Design Your Dorm and it allows you to create an online 3-D dorm room which gives you a great idea of what to bring to college and what you should leave at home. You can also have your roommate join which makes it very easy to collaborate especially if you don’t already know them. Best of all, it is free. When you register, you will select your university and residence hall from a list. You can then pick from several different types of dorm rooms. If you are going to be a student at Florida State University and will be staying in the suite style dorms (or hope to), make sure you choose the double with bathroom setup. I have stayed in both Wildwood and Gilchrist halls and it is the exact same setup. Another great thing about this site is that on the right side of the screen, it has a shopping list that helps you keep track of everything you have put into the room and how much it will cost. This site really helps take some of the hassle out of moving!



One comment

  1. wow sounds like a cool site, i wish i’d known about this

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